Individual Goals

Goals to fit your personality.

Everyone is unique and so are their goals. Instead of aiming for a fixed number of steps per day (like 10,000), strapSWAP allows to adjust your to set daily goals as per your performance the previous day. With a goal set by you yourself can motivate you to be better, with every passing day.

Smart Activity Tracker

A step towards a smart health

strapSWAP automatically tracks your steps, distance, active time, and calories burned; plus, it displays you quick summaries right on your wrist in real time, just at the touch.

Smart Sleep Tracker

Sleep like a baby

strapSWAP automatically tracks when you fall asleep, wake up, and how much deep sleep you’re getting. Isn’t it something great? Knowing your sleeping habits will help you to make changes that are important for a restful sleep. A good sleep is always essential for a fit start of a day.

Wake Up Silently

Rise & greet the healthier today

strapSWAP will wake you up silently by taping on your wrist without disturbing others. Why to wake up with a harsh sound when you can be waken with a personal touch of a soothing vibration alarm.

Sedimentary Reminder

Get up and move

Being Inactive for a long time is not recommended. strapSWAP remind you whenever you are sitting for too long, to get up and have some movement. This will not only help you to keep moving but will also help you focus better on your work after a small break.

Mobile Health Graphs

See your strides

Using activity and sleep data mobile graphs gives an overview of your activities. When you know about your performance yesterday, you will be competitive by yourself to do even better today. And this is the motivation that push you to move closer towards a better health.