You are unique
& so should be your watch

Make it infinitely unique

Why to use just any watch when you can customize your unique one yourself. After all it should speak about you and your style.

With strapSWAP you will have the possibility to mix different strapSWAP colours to infinite styles of classical, quartz, automatic or smart watches. This will give the unique style to your watch. You can design your watch to meet different outfits and different occasions.

Convert any watch smart

Make your watch Smart

You love your watch, you are emotionally attached or it just fits your fashion and style. There could be several good reasons for you not to switch your classy or analog watch with smartwatch. But you do want to use the modern smart and health features. strapSWAP is the solution for you. Just replace the strap of your watch with strapSWAP and enjoy all the benefits of smart watch and a fitness tracker in your regular watch furthermore it will add an additionally elegant look to your watch.

Receive Notification from second mobile

Make your smartwatch Smarter

One mobile doesn’t fits your needs. And you have always dreamt about receiving the notification from the second mobile on the same Smartwatch. strapSWAP can make it possible. Just swaping the strap of your smartwatch with strapSWAP will integrate an additional smart module to enjoy the call, messages and social notification from your second mobile.

Different Sizes To Meet your Requirements

Size Specifications

strapSWAP fits well to any watch that supports standard 20, 21 or 22 mm strap width. Feather touch Quick Release technology makes it possible to install strapSWAP bands just in seconds.